Love Your Neighbor


A friend and neighbor of mine posted this on Facebook this morning: Why do I love Cheverly? Because we have a neighbor who could use some help right now, and in less than 24 hours, she’s got meals, babysitting, and housecleaning covered for the next six weeks. I have amazing neighbors!

And I’m happy to say that is the truth. There is someone in our neighborhood who has a few special needs right now. I happened to run into them last weekend and decided to send out an email to 30 women in the community for help. Within 4 hours, we had meals, cleaning, babysitting and 3 date nights covered for the next 6 weeks. Where in the DC area could you find a group of people that show this much love? I am amazed.

After seeing my friends post, I noticed this one in the Cheverly Garden’s Club Facebook page:

We have been busy, tonight the Cheverly Garden Club made and delivered 24 flower arrangements to local home bound residents.

And then they posted this beautiful picture:


Just one more reason to Choose Cheverly.

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