Cheverly Theatre?


Today I learned something new. Here’s a little piece of Cheverly history:  In 1947 the Cheverly Theatre opened. Today, the ‘Cheverly Theatre’ is the Publick Playhouse.   The theatre is one of the two surviving Art Deco theatres in Prince George’s County and serves as a venue for concerts, dance, theater, and the performing arts. Personally, I wish we still had the 1947 style Cheverly Theatre. How fun.

1185494_10201154074386505_1175674961_n[1]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Cheverly Theatre opened in 1947, in late Streamline Moderne style. It was designed by the firm of John & Drew Eberson. The Cheverly Theatre was plush and elegant, and its auditorium included a painted “sky” on its ceiling, following the tradition of Eberson’s Atmospheric style palaces of the 1920’s.

Into the 1960’s, the Cheverly Theatre remained a popular cinematic destination, but eventually fell into decline and closed. In 1975, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission was able to acquire the Cheverly and began a restoration of the former movie house. It reopened thirty years to the day that the Cheverly had its first grand opening in 1947, now serving as a venue for performing arts, legitimate theater, concerts, dance and community events.

Now called the Prince George’s Publick Playhouse for the Performing Arts, or simply the Publick Playhouse, the theater is today one of the most popular performing arts venues in the region.

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  1. Aimee says:

    Do you know about the Cheverly History Club website? Or perhaps that’s where you found this info.

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