The British Are Here!


The British are coming, the British are coming. Yes- the British are here. They are in Cheverly, MD to teach our young ones soccer. And because I grew up playing soccer myself, I just knew I’d have to enroll my 4 year old in soccer camp.  Challenger Sports has been excellent. Wyatt is having a blast and for only $95 he will get 5 hours of camp, a soccer ball and t-shirt. Now, there are a few reasons why soccer camp has made me thankful to be a Cheverly resident. 1) I completely forgot that my son might just need shin guards, soccer socks and cleats for soccer camp- so in typical Lisa fashion, I waited until the last minute and decided to send out an email to the Cheverly Parents Resource listserv. Where could I buy shin guards for a 4 year old? Today! I had 3 responses within an hour and now I have 3 pairs of shin guards, 2 pairs of socks, and 1 pair of cleats at my house. Thank you, neighbors. 2) Normally if you live anywhere else in the beltway, I’d venture to guess that you would have to drive your children to soccer camp. Not in Cheverly. Even though I chose to drive, it would have been a short 10 minute walk to our soccer field. AND it’s a beautiful town field with bleachers, a running track, and 3 baseball fields. And if you have younger children, you can leave your child at camp, walk 2 minutes away to a park, tennis court and basketball court—all part of the town of Cheverly. 3) The coolest part for me, as a 4 year old’s mom, is that when my child arrived at soccer camp, he knew ALL the participants. I don’t know if you could find that anywhere else. I knew the mom’s and he knew the kids. If you have kids, you know how helpful your child knowing other kids can be. There was no separation anxiety—and I had 4 other neighbor/mom friends who were watching out for my son. I ended up holding one of the other mom’s 3rd child who is just a few months old so she could have free hands to help out with her other two. It’s a small town people, and it takes a village. Those are just a few reasons why I Choose Cheverly.

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