Meet Your Neighbors- Jeremy and Anna Coon and Charlotte Colvin

017When did you move to Cheverly and where are you from?
Jeremy and I moved to Cheverly in 2007. I am originally from Alabama and he grew up in Idaho and Oregon. This is our second stint in DC – we lived here in the mid-late 1990s, moved to New Orleans in 2000, and then came back to the area after Hurricane Katrina.  Our daughter Anna was born in June 2010 and becoming parents in Cheverly opened up a whole new world for both of us.
What do you like most about Cheverly?
I love the mix of neighbors who have lived here for many years and newcomers. One of our neighbors is a third generation Cheverlian whose grandmother plays the piano for Anna’s nursery school at Cheverly United Methodist Church. I love that! Some of the parents of Anna’s classmates attended the same nursery school many years ago. That is hard to find in the DC metro area. I also love how neighbors look out for each other and support each other.
What is your favorite place (or your go –to) to eat that is close to Cheverly? And what do you order?
Well, I don’t know if this counts as close, but our “go to” place is 7th Hill Pizza on Capitol Hill and we almost always order the Navy Yard pizza. Then we go next door to Pitango Gelato for dessert and my favorite flavor is cardamom. Closer to home, we go to Franklin’s and usually order one of the salads. We hear that Pizzeria Paradiso is opening up in Hyattsville and Jeremy says we’ll be covering their rent if and when that happens!
What do you want your neighbors to know about you? 
Jeremy and I both work in international development (he’s a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Paraguay) but we both like the idea of working closer to home and finding ways to use our skills right here in Prince George’s County. We are NPR nerds and love to cook. And I have a serious fabric addiction. I started learning to sew a few years ago and love to make things. If you are ever looking for fabric, let me know! I have a little too much.
Thank you Charlotte for helping us out with these new “Meet Your Neighbor” posts- On a side note, Charlotte forgot to mention that she works for the Public Heath Institute and is one of the world’s leading experts on tuberculosis. She also knows a ton of information on vaccines, so parents, feel free to reach out to her. And fairly soon she might have her own store on Etsy- as well as selling her goods at the Cheverly Holiday Market. Thanks again!

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