Cheverly’s New Park


10458720_790124724354384_2939399546816913307_nThis is an artist’s drawing of the new park coming to Cheverly. I am just thrilled for many reasons- but one of the main ones is that this park will be located in a beautiful remote part of Cheverly that very little people use. A few days ago I took a walk to the Cheverly-Euclid Park  and discovered an area of town that felt like I was two hours away from the city. A little background information: I spent 7 years living in a ski town in the Austrian Alps and it was during that time that I fell in love with nature. I love the idea of taking a walk and being surrounded by big tall trees. Do you play tennis, basketball, soccer, or baseball? If so, check out the Cheverly-Euclid Park. Until this kid park (with picnic tables too) arrives in late August, you might be the only one there! I know many Cheverly residents who haven’t even seen this area of Cheverly yet so here are some pictures of the wide open area: (the first picture shows you that the park’s entrance is right next to the pool’s parking lot)

009008006003004What a beautiful town we live in! This new park and all of the amazing sport opportunities is just another reason why I Choose Cheverly.



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