Little Free Library



“So, I believe that Doug was inspired by the Little Free Library movement ( which is a community-based movement that encourages people to share books in their own neighborhoods. Doug worked with the town to get approval to place some Little Free Libraries around Cheverly, and he collected old newspaper bins, repainted them, and asked some community organizations to help decorate them. Different bins around the neighborhood hold different genres of books, and since many kiddos congregate at “Cheese” Park, he thought (and CPRC agreed!) that “Cheese” Park would be a good place for a children’s’ book bin.” Natalie Pappas, CPRC’s Communications Coordinator.

Thank you, Doug Alexander, for all your hard work in the Little Free Library movement- thank you for your contribution to our community. Last weekend Doug and others from Cheverly had a new Little Free Library installed at Cheese Park for children’s books. Residential Libraries are located at 3201 Crest Ave. and 3205 Tremont Ave. Two Library boxes at the Community Center (pictured above) offer best-selling adult fiction and non-fiction books.  Someone tell me what other community in our area does this?!  Just another reason why I Choose Cheverly!




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