Meet Your Neighbor: Why Do You Choose Cheverly?

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When I asked Cheverly resident Jennifer Butler, wife and working mother of 2 (Elizabeth and Gideon pictured here) why she chose Cheverly, here’s what I got:

Cheverly – Bursting the Bubble

Washington DC is a very opinionated crowd. A typical conversation can be peppered with thoughts about recent Supreme Court rulings or the pros and cons of genetically modified foods. Everyone has an opinion and we can back-up our views with the latest research or white paper.

With social media, talk radio and 500 TV channels we can carefully select what opinions and ideas we are exposed to; many times choosing those that affirm our currently held beliefs.  Studies have also shown that this country is sorting itself into homogenous “bubble-like” communities with people that mirror each other’s lifestyles and beliefs. The result is a polarized country where we have no idea how to relate to someone with different backgrounds and views.

But not in my sweet home of Cheverly. During the past three years I have befriended and broken bread (or drank wine) with a host of different religious and political beliefs. Our neighborhood has it all – young, old, families, singles, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, gay, straight, environmentalists, conservatives, libertarians and progressives.  You name the flavor or label and I bet we have them here in Cheverly.

But this is the cool thing, here in Cheverly there is so much more that unites us than divides us. Every person moved here because they want a better quality of life. For some that meant finding a house they could afford. For others it meant being legally able to get married and raise a family. And others it meant having a yard and a safe neighborhood where they can let their kids play outside.

Of course there are heated debates on the topic du jour. And I am sure my beliefs run counter and might be considered offensive to others. But still I can enjoy a drink with them at ChevProm or chat at the pool. It is through this community that many of us have been able to find common ground with others in a town that has a way of tearing people apart. And that is the reason I Choose Cheverly.

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