Southern Comfort Adult Night (And Contest To Win Free Tickets)

adult nightAttention readers who are not Cheverly pool members- now is your chance! Come with some friends, get a babysitter (now!), or make it a date night. Either way, if you live anywhere near Cheverly and you’ve never been to the pool or you don’t know any members, now is your opportunity. Adult night is here and it’s bring your own beverage. You can win two tickets (worth $20 each = $40 in value) just for making a comment in the comment section of this blog post. Here are the details: You have from now until Wednesday night July 9th at midnight to answer one question- Why do you choose Cheverly? Or if you haven’t yet chose to live in Cheverly, tell me why would you (in the future) choose Cheverly? The person who comes up with the most creative answer will win. Again, 2 $20 tickets will be given away to the person who writes the most creative answer in my comment section of this post. The event details are below.

Saturday July 26th from 8-midnight is Adult Night at the Cheverly Pool and it’s all about Southern Comfort! We’ll have The Orrin Star Bluegrass Trio playing LIVE pool side and some of the best Southern Comfort Food you can find North of the Carolinas catered by Levi’s in Clinton. BBQ Ribs, chicken and delicious sides like mac & cheese and hush puppies! We’ll have a “Pie In The Sky” dessert bar filled to the brim with every kind of pie known to man and it’s a BYOB night. You can bring beer or wine (No glass containers) to enjoy as you listen to the music, swim and chat with friends! We would like everyone who wants to join us on this special night to be able to come, so we have a list of pool members willing to sponsor you if you are not a member and don’t know one. To make sure it’s affordable to all, we’re doing things a little differently this year. For only $5 you can come, bring your own food, swim and picnic with friends and neighbors or for $20 you get a Full Ride: music, swimming, amazing food, non-alcoholic beverages and dessert! if you want the full ride ticket you must use the Event Brite link to buy them before July 12th. Full Ride tickets are limited and may sell out quickly. Buy Full Ride Tickets here: If you plan to bring your own food, just show up and pay $5 at the door.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Annalisa Meyer says:

    We chose Cheverly for its small town feel, just miles from DC. For its open, green spaces and for its sense of community. Cheverly provided a more affordable way to get a single family home and still take advantage of what we love about being close to DC.

  2. Meaghaan says:

    The Cheverly Boom rocks my world!

  3. says:

    Sounds like a fun evening!

  4. lsmith529 says:

    I love the Cheverly pool!

  5. My husband and I cleverly chose Cheverly three weeks ago as it comes highly recommended! Our neighbors gave us a zucchini last night from the community garden to welcome us to the neighborhood, how sweet is that! Cheverly is pretty amazeballs in our book!

  6. Rachel Dabney Rice says:

    Love Meaghaan’s response! LOL!
    (and I’m disqualified from winning. 🙂

  7. Melanie says:

    I choose Cheverly because of the community. In general, the people are awesome. We discovered Cheverly when we waited too long to find a pre-school for our son and were only able to find openings at Mothers Day Out.

    6 months later– we moved to Cheverly (ok– across the street– but as close as we could find at the time!). 🙂

  8. Well – I blogged about it last week. But the other reason why I love Cheverly is that you never have to buy another kid’s toy, piece of clothing or IKEA furniture again. Everyday a plethora of treasures (other people’s trash) are offered on the listervs. My favorite from last year is that someone had three pomegranates to give away….only one per person. You wouldn’t want to encourage any pomegranate hoarders out there…

  9. JennB says:

    One more…

    Cheverly – A Haiku

    Why choose Cheverly?
    The people, homes, beauty here.
    A true oasis.

  10. Misty says:

    Trees, active community and a metro stop!

  11. Dave Meyer says:

    Cleverly chose me!

  12. lisawink2014 says:

    Ahhh… These were amazing answers. I loved all of them. The boom from Meaghaan had me cracking up but if I’m judging on the most creative answer, I’d have to go with Jennifer Butler’s “other people’s trash” and only one pomegranate per person comment. Thank you all for entering and commenting on my blog. I hope to have some other contests that you can enter. And congrats Jennifer Butler. I hope you enjoy the Southern Comfort meal!

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