Happy Birthday to our Cheverly 7-11!


7 11Happy Birthday 7-11. I have so many good thoughts about you. Mainly because your Cheverly store has come in so handy during snow storms. I remember the huge snow storm in 2010 and the Giant (that I walked to ON Landover Rd) was completely empty. After that I walked myself down to the Cheverly 7-11 and sure enough I could find some hot chocolate and other goodies. My other great memory of you was when I was single and living in Cheverly. My roommate and best friend turned 30 and that was the summer that we lived off of your Nestle Toll House ice cream cookie sandwiches. Naturally, after a beautiful dinner downtown with friends, we made a quick visit to your Cheverly location for dessert!

Cheverly friends: Tomorrow 7-11 is celebrating its birthday and giving out free 7.11oz Slurpee’s from 7am to 11pm. All of you who walk to and from the Metro have to stop. No excuses. The best part about this? IF you have a smart phone (I don’t but maybe I should get one because this is a pretty good deal…) AND you download the  7-11 app, you can get free items for all of next week. Check out my list below and the article in USA Today. Enjoy!

July 12: Big Gulp soft drink
July 13: M&M’s Birthday Cake Flavor candies
July 14: Grandma’s Cookies
July 15: Hostess Twinkies
July 16 Snickers or Twix brand ice cream bar
July 17: Quaker Chewy Yogurt snack bar
July 18: Pillsbury cookie
July 19: Small Slurpee

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