Pool Nostalgia

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Some of my best childhood memories happened while on a swim team in Fairfax, VA. I lived in VA from ages 5-10 and my family spent almost every summer day at the pool. My mom would bring spare change and occasionally she would let me buy something from the snack bar. Lik-A-Maid was my favorite choice. I can’t believe she let me eat colored sugar but I was a kid, having the time of my life with my best friends. At age 10 we moved to Oklahoma City where I grew up and thankfully my parents purchased a house with a backyard pool. (everyone in Oklahoma had a backyard pool)  I played outside with my two sisters daily. We made up funny games as we jumped off the diving board, we played marco polo, we tried to see how long we could hold our breathe under water.  Our lives were not by means ‘storybook’ material, but childhood was made fun because of all the swimming we got to do. Committing myself to raising a family in the DC area, I would’ve never imagined that my children would have the same opportunities as I had in the pool. Thankfully they will. My oldest son had a beautiful day at the pool today. He is learning to conquer his own fears by holding onto the side in deeper waters. I love watching him grow. I also love the fact that he begs me for a vanilla ice cream cone during every 15 min water break. The cones are one dollar and the Cheverly Pool has an honor system box. You take the ice cream out of the freezer on your own and put in your own money. I have no doubt that when my son thinks back on his childhood, this vanilla ice cream cone will make an appearance. And I am grateful and most confident that so will the Cheverly Pool.

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  1. Ruth A. Heeres says:

    We lived in Cheverly for 14 years and loved it. I still miss the community spirit and all my friends there. Love to everyone.

    R. Heeres

    1. lisawink2014 says:

      Beautiful, Ruth! Thanks for commenting.

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