Meet Your Neighbors! The Olivo Family and Why They Choose Cheverly…

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Last night I was able to stop by the Olivo home to catch up with Aimee and Abel and take some pictures. I was inspired by Abel’s handy-man skills and his love for ‘used items’ like me! I hope everyone in the community has a chance to meet this amazing family.

Meet Aimee and Abel Olivo and their two boys, Lucas (8) and Nathaniel (4). They moved to Cheverly from Capitol Hill in 2005 and had never heard of our fabulous town until a Realtor suggested they check it out. “Sounds like Cheverly’s the place for you. It is 10 minutes away. Drive over, look around, and give me a call if you want to start looking at houses there.”

They fell while they were driving down Cheverly Avenue and started looking at houses exclusively in Cheverly.

Nine years, two boys and a dog later, there’s hardly a Cheverly organization that hasn’t benefitted from their volunteer work and devotion to keeping Cheverly great. In fact, if you want to learn about any of the programs mentioned below, reach out to Aimee- especially if you are considering public school at Spellman.

Over the past nine years, Aimee helped establish Cheverly Advocates for Public Schools; served as co-chair of Progressive Cheverly; started the current St. Ambrose Children’s Liturgy program, sent her children to Cheverly Weekday Nursery; served as PTA President at Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary for two years; helped with Cheverly American Legion Auxiliary, ran for public office in 2012 and has moderated several Cheverly candidate forums. Aimee is also very involved in PG county as well. She is the Chair of the Prince George’s County Commission for Education Excellence and is the Vice-Chair of the Prince George’s Community College Board of Trustees. You should also know that Aimee manages an awesome Facebook page, Family Friendly Price George’s.

Abel, a stay at home dad (one of many in Cheverly) is incredibly active in the community as well. He is part of the team that dreamed up and organizes Cheverly’s Turkey Trot 5K run and 1K fun run and he has organized several Couch to 5K programs to get folks ready to run the Turkey Trot and Cheverly Day Cicada Crunch 5Ks. Abel teaches English as a Second Language at St. Ambrose church; is a regular volunteer at Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary; is active in the St. Ambrose Men’s Club, through which he’ll be leading the 2014 Oktoberfest; and is a member of the Cheverly Planning Board (appointed by Town council). He is a member of the ChvProm committee; was the lead coordinator of Truck Touch in 2014; and is the Special Projects Coordinator for the Cheverly Parent Resource Center (CPRC). Here’s a little-known fun-fact for you: Abel is one of the most dedicated preparer of “new baby” meals through CPRC—last year he signed up to make and deliver more than anyone else in town! Abel’s wide involvement allows him to cross-promote town organizations and events to ensure that great Cheverly organizations support each other.

Thank you, Olivio family for all the time you’ve spent to make Cheverly an active, caring community! Aimee says they are “obsessed” with our fabulous town and can’t imagine raising their sons Lucas (8) and Nathaniel (4) anywhere else. And that’s why the Olivo family chooses Cheverly!

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