A Few Of My Favorite Things: Taqueria La Placita












I’m cheap. And that’s one of the many reasons why I subscribe to the Washingtonian. I love their “Cheap Eats” issue. And this is how my family discovered the hidden gem, Taqueria La Placita. Only a short 5 minute drive away from Cheverly on Edmonston Rd, the Washingtonian has raved about the 20 different types of tacos you can eat. Taqueria La Placita made it in the Washingtonian’s cheap eats in 2011, 2012, and 2013. “If the mounted deer heads don’t make the point, the menu of 20 taco fillings including pork cheeks and pork lips and tripe will: This is no place for delicate sensibilities. But if you’re game for adventure, a trip to this roadside diner in the heart of Bladensburg’s Little Mexico will let you taste tacos as they were meant to be–freshly griddled, two-ply corn tortillas piled with well-seasoned meat and garnished with cilantro, radish, and a squeeze of lime.”


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  1. amy gavin says:

    Ahh, so glad to read about this!! I’ve been looking for good local Mexican food! Can’t wait to try it. 🙂

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