Meet Your Neighbors and Why I Choose Cheverly: Pam, Carley, Izzy and Gio

cheese park

048Meet your neighbors, Pam and daughter Carley, and Carley’s children Izzy and Gio. Pam’s office is three floors under me at work and whenever we run into each other there is always laughter. If you don’t know Pam, you should!  Here is her story and an explanation on why she “chooses Cheverly”.

  • I chose Cheverly in March 2000 because I had been working on Capitol Hill since 1989 and always had a long highway commute. I could not afford to purchase a home even on the outskirts of Capitol Hill and then I remembered this lovely little neighborhood just outside of Washington where my brother-in-law owned a home many years before.
  • What I Iove about Cheverly, besides the beautiful older well-built brick homes and the short commute to Washington, is the people. On my cul-de-sac on Crest Avenue, I have two neighbors who grew up in their homes and remained or came back to them as adults. There are also two neighbors who have lived there for more than 30 years. I also love the cultural diversity in Cheverly. My daughter and two grandchildren live with me and I want them to feel the same spirit of camaraderie and community as I do. Both of my grandchildren attended the Cheverly Weekday Nursery School at the United Methodist Church and now attend Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary.
  • People may scowl when you say that you live in Prince George’s County but I grew up in Riverdale and have such a fondness for the area that I was happy to move back. Yes, it has changed, but so does everything. It still feels like the old neighborhood to me.
  • One of my favorite places to eat is the East Pines’ Pizza Oven on Riverdale Road. I have been going to Pizza Oven since I was a young girl and it still feels the same when I go back and take my grandchildren. I’ve even run into old friends there. My grandson goes to the East Pine’s Barber Shop where my father always had his hair cut. Tony is still there cutting hair! We also like to go to Franklin’s Restaurant & Brewery in Hyattsville for the good pub food and of course the General Store inside. We also have the University of Maryland at College Park nearby for that college town feel and the Smithsonian museums are close and most have free admission. What’s not to love!

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  1. Betty says:

    Pam, this article is great. You have convinced me that Cheverly is a great place to live and I am so happy that you feel the way you do. There is nothing like a rural area where everyone knows each other. Unfortunely, things have changed drasitically in this area and most of us do not know our next door neighbor which is very sad. It would be so wonderful if we just took the time to meet our neighbors and get to know them.

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