Shop Around Town

2317 Belleview Ave, Cheverly, MD 20785

2317 Belleview Ave, Cheverly, MD 20785

Look at this beauty and let’s shop around town. The house above is a smaller 945 sqft Cheverly home. But it’s beautiful. It needs an updated kitchen and if you need more room, you can definitely add on. Why? Because it’s listed (on the market now for 2 days) for 270,000. 270K to live in an amazing and safe community where you know your neighbors.

Now, let’s travel to Alexandria, VA to a condo that is 990sqft and priced at 385,000. What can you get for 385K in Virginia? This:

400 Commonwealth Ave APT 203, Alexandria, VA 22301

What about Capitol Hill? What would a 900sqft house cost? How about 675,000. Yes. And this is on 13th Street SE. In 2008, this house cost 399,000 but now this small space is 675K. And here’s what 675K gets you: (the tiny grey house in the middle)

315 13th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Get more bang for your buck and Choose Cheverly.

Seriously, after shopping around town, Cheverly MD should not be ignored. Not only can you buy an affordable house, you get the added bonus of a short commute, a safe community, a market, pool and so much more. Afforadable homes are just another reason why I Choose Cheverly!

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