It Takes a Village

It-Takes-a-Whole-Village-stepmother-advice[1]24 hours in the life of a working mother in Cheverly: Get home by 4:00pm. Get kids ready to go to a neighbor’s house that lives 4 houses down and across the street. Bike over. Kids play. Moms talk. I run out with one of my two boys to take pictures for a Meet Your Neighbor post. Get back and find out my oldest threw up. (Thankfully not from a virus- but that’s another story) Neighbor was more than happy to get a bucket and help clean him up. (Oh my) Neighbor’s husband sees I’m stressed, offers me a beer. We chat for a couple minutes and child throws up again. Neighbor washes out bucket AGAIN. Neighbor’s husband offers to hold my youngest hand and watch my oldest ride his bike home. (While I drive 4 houses down and across the street!) We get home and another neighbor calls. “Aren’t you going to our other neighbor’s house for wine after the kids are in bed?” I say no because my husband is out of town and my nanny is gone. Plus I had a child who was just getting better. Friend asks if there is anything they can do for me. I say no. We plan a play date for Friday. We sleep with windows open. (Thank God for cool weather) I go to work while nanny takes my two kids for a play date with two Cheverly kids. Nanny takes my son to an art class at someone’s house in Cheverly. Another neighbor just emailed and was running late. Could my nanny pick up her daughter from art class and drop her off at home, in Cheverly? I try to call nanny to ask but couldn’t reach her. Meanwhile another neighbor offers to pick up my neighbor’s daughter. (I had to ask a neighbor to pick up my son because I was running late in traffic a couple weeks ago too) And my point is this: It Takes a Village. And that is why I Choose Cheverly.


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