A Few Of My Favorite Things: Community Forklift


I can’t believe I’ve lived in Cheverly for 9 years now and have only recently discovered Community Forklift! First of all, I would’ve saved a ton of money, and second of all, I would’ve had some really unique and fun fixtures/pieces in my house. Community Forklift has been described as a thrift store for home goods. Thinking about putting a kitchen in your basement? Come to the Forklift and save some money on those cabinets. They have everything from old doors to fans to tables and chairs to shutters to sinks and bathtubs. You get the point.

A week ago I went (it’s only a 2 mile drive from Cheverly) and bought the piece in the picture above. I’m not handy and I’ve never worked on or restored a piece of furniture before but I want to try. I love that the cabinet already looks distressed. It just needs some paint and I need to find the perfect spot for it in my house. So exciting. So run over to Community Forklift. You will probably see me there.


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  1. Aimee says:

    But wait…there’s more! Have you heard about Tanglewood Works that just opened? I can’t wait to check it out! Up for a field trip with me??


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