Let’s Talk Crime Stats

imagesCARUTA01A few months ago I commented on an article about neighborhoods in the Washington Post. I mentioned that people should consider Cheverly because it’s such a wonderful community. I just started this blog and was eager to share the neighborhood with other Post readers. Someone from Brookland responded: “Cheverly is so 80ties…and the crime rate is high.” Immediately I googled crime rates and Cheverly. Then I googled crime rates and Brookland. I checked both of our recent crime stats on the website spotcrime. What did I find? I couldn’t believe it. Barely any crime in Cheverly and tons (in comparison) in Brookland. I’m still shocked at how people talk about crime in Cheverly because it’s “PG County” and yet Cheverly and the Arts District in Hyattsville (which I was surprised by) are the two areas with the least amount of crime.

If you don’t want to take the time to go to Spot Crime, I checked the stats for you. And here’s what I found: (crimes listed up to today)

Cheverly: 2 Thefts (in our town, not counting crime on Landover Rd), from 8/14- 8/28

Hyattsville: 3 Thefts 8/17- 8/28

Brookland: 5 Arrests, 4 Burglary, 1 Shooting, 14 Other, 7 Robbery, 18 Theft, 1 Assault 8/26- 9/2

Tacoma Park: 2 Arrests, 2 Robbery, 2 Burglary, 1 Other, 2 Assaults, 25 Thefts 8/14- 9/1

Shirlington: 4 Theft, 1 Burglary, 2 Assaults, 2 Others 8/15- 9/3

Del Ray in Virginia- 1 Vandalism, 3 Assaults, 1 Burglary, 4 Other, 3 Arrests, 7 Thefts 8/14- 9/1

Old Town in Virginia- 8 Vandalism, 7 Assaults, 1 Robbery, 2 Burglary, 8 Other, 1 Arrest, 11 Thefts 8/14- 9/1

Eastern Market SE DC- 8 Robbery, 1 Burglary, 27 Thefts, 11 Others, 4 Arrest 8/24- 9/2

Silver Spring, Georgetown, H St NE were too high to count.

There you have it, readers. We have our own town police who encourage town involvement and host open meetings at the community center. You can contact them and take a ride with them–or have them come and check the safety of your home. I called them on a Friday night after watching America’s Most Wanted (oh yes…) and my husband and I heard a huge bang. Turns out that the curtains on my side deck fell. They were quick to respond and were really thoughtful and helpful. Our own town police and low crime stats? Just another reason I Choose Cheverly.

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  1. Aimee says:

    I LOVE that you can ask the Cheverly police to do house checks while you are out of town. We fill out the incredibly simple form and drop it off or fax it over every time we leave town. So nice to know that they will do random checks and monitoring for you simply as part of their service to town residents!!

    Click to access HouseCheckfillable.pdf

  2. Dr. Davis says:

    Cheverly is a special oasis! When my daughter started looking for a home, she chose Cheverly. Well, I have a “Safety & Security” background and I really dug into checking the village out. When she was at work, I looked at houses. I made a lot of comparisons, even with Bethesda, Kensington, Silver Springs, etc. The bottom line, a mother worries about where her daughter will live. I felt great about her choice and knew there would not be a better place for her to live.

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