Meet Your Neighbors and Why I Choose Cheverly: Joel, Laura, Grace, Kes, and Abigail Thomas


Meet your lovely neighbors who have lived in Cheverly for 6 years now: Joel, Laura and 3 daughters Grace, Chesed, and Abigail Thomas. Laura is a friend of mine from a former job. We were friends when she lived on the GW Campus with her husband. I was single and Laura had no children. We didn’t know it then, but boy oh boy–we had so much free time. How marriage and children change things… It’s wonderful for me to have a close friend in town and I’m thrilled they have chose to raise their family in Cheverly. They are involved in many local organizations and in the summer you will probably see them at the pool most days. Joel is the founder of CERT which was recently featured in our local Gazette newspaper here. I plan to feature Joel’s CERT app and to talk more about CERT in a post next week.

Laura is a homeschooling mom and has her own blog, which has been featured on homeschooling websites. She also was kind enough to answer some questions for me. Here we go:

Why did you choose Cheverly? We chose Cheverly because it fill everything we wanted in a home – we wanted something within walking distance to the metro station, a great neighborhood with sidewalks and parks, affordable houses with yards for our kids to play in, among other things. 

What do you like most about our neighborhood? What I like most about Cheverly is the people – knowing our neighbors and so many people in this community who truly love their neighbors and care for them in any way possible. Cheverly is truly a “hidden gem” that is becoming more and more popular!

What is your ‘go to’ restaurant and/or place to visit? We love Three Brothers pizza – our regular order is a large chicken and spinach. We also like riding the go-carts across the street from Three Brothers 🙂 We love going as a family to Watkins Park to feed the animals or ride on the carousel and play on the playground there. They also have a beautiful light show at Christmas.

Thank you for taking part in a “Meet Your Neighbor” post, Laura and Joel.


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