Weekend Update and Really Hard News

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This weekend started off lovely. I met up with my mini soccer head coach to plan for Saturday’s first ‘game’. It was hysterical watching little 4 year olds run around the field in groups- 12 of them running after 1 ball, sometimes kicking it in the wrong direction, sometimes kicking it in their own goal, scoring a point for the other team. The scene was amazing. All of my parent/neighbor friends were on the sidelines yelling and cheering for their children’s friends. What a community!

This morning we hosted a young man who is considering moving here from LA. I gave him my Cheverly talk about our wonderful friends, low crime rate etc. After we spoke I offered to drive him to the Town Park and pool. On the way to Town Park I saw local news vans. Then I noticed crime scene tape and knew something was devastatingly wrong.  A mother of two young children “allegedly” took the lives of her children. The story can be seen here. (and it states: Cheverly Police say neighbors should not be alarmed for their safety because this was not a random killing)

Crime happens. It does- and even though this was a “random killing”, it’s still incredibly shocking and sad. I headed to the new park (see pictures below) and was comforted by talking to some great people who are my neighbors. I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that our community will love and care for the family of the victims. We will pray, we will make meals, we will offer our friendship because that is who we are and that is what good neighbors do.

And I will end this post now with pics of something that was in a sense ‘born’ in our community this weekend. A new park. Excited kids, full of life and imagination playing in a brand new park:


046 045


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