A Few of My Favorite Things: Aldi


If this weekend was as hard for you as it was for me (and to prove it, I googled “cruises from Baltimore”), then take a 15 minute excursion to our local Aldi for a few of my favorite things. After a long Monday at work I really needed one of the snickerdoodle soft baked cookies. Even if you are not gluten free, take it from my husband and kids, these items are amazing. (and decently priced) I live an unfortunate life when it comes to what I can and cannot eat. While I lived in Europe I had bread, cheese, and butter for dinner every night. And that is no joke. Currently I have to be on a gluten and dairy free diet–and for a while I gave up corn and soy. Try to do this while on a budget and it’s almost impossible. That’s why Aldi has to be one of my favorite stores. Don’t go expecting ‘pretty’ aisles and free shopping carts (you need to bring a quarter with you) with all sorts of beautifully displayed fruits and vegetables. You will find, however, some great products with some really low prices–and sometimes you will meet people without cars who ride bikes with their groceries on their shoulders like I did on Sunday. I have to admit that I love the vibe and I’m grateful that our local Aldi is so close. That’s just another reason why I Choose Cheverly.


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