Meet Your Neighbors- Kassie Rodriguez Chasten and daugther Rhiannon


Hello Cheverly! Meet your neighbors, Kassie and Rhiannon. I’m so excited to share this post with you because Kassie is one of our neighbors who grew up in Cheverly. I love hearing stories of people who grew up here and now are raising their own children in the same community. She mentions in her post that she moved away 3 short times but always came back. Kassie lives with her parents who moved to Cheverly in 1985. They came because “there were a lot of trees. They also really liked that the houses here were all different and not similar to the ones next to each other.” Thank you Kassie for helping me with a meet your neighbor post. We are glad you decided to stay in Cheverly.

When did you move to Cheverly? I was born and raised in Cheverly. I moved out of Cheverly three separate years but I’ve always made my way back. I don’t think I’ll be leaving again. I remember growing up with friends around here and we would roam all parts of Cheverly- parks, trails, 7-11, metro, random open houses that were for sale. Rhiannon was born here and has been back in Cheverly for a few years now. I envision my daughter having similar experiences that I did.

What is the thing you like most about Cheverly and why? There is so much to love. Our sense of community is strong. It is as simple as saying hi to the ones you don’t know who walk by. Or there are bigger acts like when bad weather has hit us previous years, neighbors were helping out by moving debris from the street. Friends will set up a meal plan for a family in need. On market weekends, I like to help setting up chairs and tables along with the other neighbors and afterward being able to enjoy breakfast with good live music.

Are you involved in any Cheverly organizations or clubs? If so, which one is your favorite and why should others join? I am involved in Cheverly CERT. I would recommend it to others because a lot of the things you learn during training is beneficial in case an emergency happens. Previously, I helped lead Girl Scout troops with other Cheverly moms. Outside of Cheverly, but statewide, I am involved with Maryland Geocaching Society. We promote geocaching by teaching community groups and anyone interested what geocaching is all about. Geocaching is an activity where you use coordinates and a GPSr or smartphone to find hidden containers. I enjoy it because it takes me to historical markers, parks, scenic places, new areas, and it also is a way for my daughter and I to spend time outdoors. 

Do you have a favorite go to restaurant in town or anything you like to do that is close to Cheverly that most people don’t know about? My favorite Cheverly restaurant is Fratelli’s. My family orders the same dish every time: chicken cordon bleu. My favorite nearby place is Franklin’s. They got rid of my go-to dish (coconut chicken curry!), but now I switch it up and I’ve been happy each time. For beer, I enjoy their sours when they have them. My favorite local place is Buddy Attick Lake Park in Greenbelt. There is a nice playground there for Rhi to enjoy and I love walking around the lake.

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