Public Safety Day and Other Random Thoughts



I spent most of Sunday morning with my boys at Cheese Park. And why Cheese Park you ask? I started to drive my boys to the ‘new’ or ‘elevator’ or ‘ castle’ park when they said, “No mommy, we want to go to Cheese Park!” What?! The old park?! I think they were feeling a bit sentimental for ‘what use to be’. If you have no idea what I’m talking about here, you probably don’t have young children living with you in Cheverly- just ask a parent with small children :). Now, to my main point- I met someone new at Cheese Park. He lives on Parkway with his daughter and wife and has been in Cheverly for a few years. (He was actually the only one at the park with us) Anyhow, it got me thinking…I didn’t know anyone apart from the people on my block until I had children. The place where I’ve met most of my Cheverly friends has been at the park or play group. This thought was verified when I went to the new park with the boys last night. I met a new friend, Ivy, her husband and 15 month old. She said, “yes, we didn’t know many people until we had our son.” Again, to my main point: if you don’t know anyone in Cheverly or would like to make friends, head to the new park. Take a picnic blanket and bring your dinner while the weather is still nice–yes, even if you don’t have kids. Sit at the picnic tables and tell people about your diet, health crisis, or what you are making for dinner. (like I did last night) Or even better, head to the Town Park for a free dinner, meet your neighbors and the Cheverly Police officers at the Public Safety Day. Details are below!

When:   Wednesday, September 17, 2014, from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Where:  Town Park, 6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785

Purpose:        To celebrate the critical partnership that the public safety community has with Cheverly and its residents.

Primary Partner: Cheverly American Legion Post #108 and Pepsi.

Everyone is invited to a wonderful evening of free food, music, police and fire department demonstrations, including a police helicopter, motorcycles, and horses, and for the kids, face painting, music, a moon bounce, and a variety of games. There will also be firearms displays and the opportunity to fire the CPD’s FN 303 semi-automatic less-lethal launcher. Please post this flyer in a conspicuous place so you remember to attend.


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  1. Megan Daly says:

    I have lived i Cheverly for 11 years. I am single and do not have any children. I have found it very easy to meet people. I got involved. I continue to volunteer with so many wonderful people You may not realize that most of the activities in Cheverly only happen because of the volunteers. There are so many town organizations who need your talents, time and ideas. You can find all the recognized town orgs here:. Don’t wait, there is a whole bunch of fun stuff going on in Cheverly every night! You can meet new friends and make a difference in your community.

    1. lisawink2014 says:

      Great great point, Megan! So true. There are so many different organizations to be a part of. You need to do a Meet Your Neighbor post.

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