South Mountain Creamery

001Some of my best memories as a child was at my grandparents dairy farm in Wisconsin. For this city girl, the fresh milk tasted so different, and so very wonderful. Did you know that you can order eggs, milk, cheese, butter, meat etc from South Mountain Creamery which is an “on-site dairy processing plant that delivers all-natural and farm fresh products to your doorstep?” (from Middletown, MD) Check out the picture I’ve posted. The white box in the right hand corner is a picture of South Mountain Creamery’s cooler at a home in Cheverly. When I emailed to inquire about their service and how to start ordering, here is what I was told: There is no sign-up fee or minimum order required, but we do have a $4.99 delivery fee to cover the delivery expenses. We deliver eggs, milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, beef, pork, chicken, and lots of other items, including those from other local companies! Our delivery area includes Washington, DC, and parts of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We are located in Middletown, MD and pride ourselves on utilizing every resource we already have on the farm! We like to call our process, “from field to fork!”

How to sign up:

  • Sign up using the registration form at
  • Get approved and placed on a route by our routing department (takes a few weeks)
  • Place your first order
  • Put out a cooler the night before your delivery to have our products delivered straight to your door!

And here is what one of our Cheverly neighbor’s has said about their experience with Smith Mountain: “One of the biggest reasons I love South Mountain Creamery home delivery is the convenience. It is so nice to (rarely) have to run out to the store to grab some milk. Big storm coming? No problem, we almost always have our fridge stocked with SMC’s beautiful glass bottles of milk. But beyond the convenience, it is also really nice to know where our milk, eggs, yogurt and meat come from. Several times in the past few years there’s been a recall that urged folks to look closely at their products to determine the processing plant, etc. I’ve not once had to look or panic because I know–and can even visit!–the animals the products in our freezer or fridge came from. And, I can’t forget to mention that it is delicious! Skim milk from SMC is so much more rich and delicious than grocery store milk. Oh, and their drivers are seriously awesome! If you set up a standing order or just want to go week to week you can modify your order until midnight of the Tuesday before delivery. They deliver to Cheverly on Thursdays. You can also set up vacation notices so if you know now you’ll be gone a week in November, for example, you can put those dates in and they automatically don’t deliver during that time.”

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