Weekend Update: Cookie Science


Huge thanks to the Cheverly Police, Town of Cheverly, American Legion, Rachel Dabney Rice for face painting, and anyone else I’m forgetting. Last night was amazing–free dinner, getting to talk with neighbors, who could ask for more?! This is exactly why I chose to do this blog. Everyone should want to live in a community like this-

Speaking of community and free food, there are two community activities that are happening this weekend. One is the market on Saturday morning (I will be there buying a mum) and the other is “Cookie Science” with our neighbor Bethany at Legion Park on Saturday. (Legion Park for those of you who don’t know is the park on Cheverly Ave where the speed camera is located) Who can pass up free cookies? Bethany’s invitation is below:

My name is Bethany Brookshire, and I am a science education writer for the blog Eureka! Lab, where I inspire students, parents and teachers to try science. One of the things I try to show is that science is for everyone, and that a real scientific experiment can be as close as your backyard or kitchen. As part of this, I am running a project called “Cookie Science.” It is a real series of experiments as I use chemistry to try to create a delicious allergen-free chocolate chip cookie. Using cookies, I will describe how to design an experiment for a science fair. 

Thanks so much to all who participated in Cookie Science on August 10! With your help, I got over 40 people to eat free cookies and fill out surveys for science. The blog post series has started, and the posts are all linked here. You can see here where I baked up the experiment! The next post involves all you wonderful taste testers! 

Cookie Science has been getting some great attention! Rumor has it we’ll be on NPR’s The Salt today, to keep an eye out! 

But NOW, Cookie Science is BACK! I need to do part TWO of my experiment, in which I need people to eat, and rate, FIVE cookies for the sake of science! Don’t worry, they will be small cookies. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s dinner. 🙂 

The second experiment will take place on Sunday, September 21. I need willing taste testers to taste and rate my cookies. I will be setting up a table at Legion Park by the flagpole at 1pm.

Please do come by and help me do science!  I will be there until 3pm, or as long as cookie supplies last.

btw: In closing, Bethany made it on NPR. Come support her this weekend and read the story here: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2014/09/17/348762526/want-to-learn-about-the-scientific-method-go-bake-some-cookies

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