Meet Your Neighbors: Jenifer, Sarah, Dominic and Ivan


This past weekend I was able to spend some time with Jenifer and Sarah and their two handsome boys. I’ve seen them at the park but this was my first opportunity to get to know them and hear their stories. Having just got back last month from a two week vacation in Wisconsin, it was fun to learn that that is where Sarah is from. In fact, we both have grandparents who owned and worked on dairy farms! Anyhow, they are a fun family and they make living in Cheverly a better place. I asked them a few questions. Hope you enjoy!

When did you all arrive in Cheverly and what brought you here?

We moved here in July 2004 – and we’ll never forget it because it was raining cicadas! We were house hunting in 2004 after renting in Arlington for years, and a friend suggested we check out Cheverly. We went to Cheverly Day that year, which gave an awesome first impression of the neighborliness and diversity of the community. It reminded us of a modern day, multi-culti Norman Rockwell village. We also liked the affordability and character of the homes. It felt like a tree-lined oasis from the District, yet offered a great location for our commutes to Chinatown and the Hill/Eastern Market – including its own metro station on the other end of the Orange Line. Yes, we still have a cicada Cheverly Day 2004 T-shirt!

What do you like most about Cheverly?

Cheverlians – the people make the place. We were most attracted to the sense of community and values here, which is really something that money cannot buy. The activism and the way people’s talents and ideas are embraced is inspiring. You feel connected to your neighbors, and the Cheverly Exchange listserve is a great resource that facilitates that connection. 

It was also great to learn that there are many other adoptive parents and LGBT families in town. We had not initially planned to build a family here, but that’s exactly what happened. We were married in DC in 2010, and adopted our sons Dominic (3) and Ivan (1) from birth. We are so thankful to be raising them in such a supportive community that offers so many events planned for children, such as Public Safety Day, Truck Touch, CPRC’s regular playgroup, and myriad other activities. Dominic attended a small daycare right across from our home, and just started at Cheverly Weekday Preschool down the street. We love the comfort and convenience of having him so close to home, and he is building friendships with his neighbors that may last a lifetime.

What is your favorite go to family activity, and/or place to eat?

You can usually find us at a playground or park, often with a picnic. Some of our favorites are the new playground at Euclid Park, Gast “Cheese” Park, or Town Park in Cheverly, Watkins Regional Park, Greenbelt Park, or one of the many themed playgrounds in PG County. We also enjoy being so close to the National Arboretum – a Mothers’ Day picnic there has become a family tradition. This summer we fell in love with the Cheverly Pool and look forward to next season. We also frequently head to the Mall for the museums and carousel, or to National Harbor, both a short drive away. For food and family fun, we love a Saturday morning stroll down to the Cheverly Community Market, and we’re excited about the first annual Cheverly Food Truck Festival this weekend. Another family tradition is pumpkin picking in the fall and strawberry picking in the spring at Shlagel Farms, which is also one of our Community Market vendors. Dining out with two little ones can be an adventure, but some of our regular spots are Franklin’s, Shagga, and any of the new restaurants in the Hyattsville Arts District, Food Factory and Sardi’s in College Park, Wegman’s (yes, we have even brought out of town guests to dine at a grocery store!), and Eastern Market on the weekend including any of the nearby restaurants such as Mr. Henry’s, Tortilla Café, Matchbox, Banana Café and Ted’s Bulletin.

And I will leave you with the cutest family pic and a really fun pic of Ivan…


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  1. Aimee says:

    Ahhhh….love that family!!

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