Cheverly Children’s House



I’ve received a number of emails lately asking about schools in Cheverly. First of all, YES, there are a number of good options for children in our neighborhood. This will be the first post of many that will talk about schools. If you would like to participate or highlight your child’s school, please send me an email:

The pictures above were taken at the Cheverly Children’s House which is run by Cheverly resident and mom of three, Melissa Kemendo. Melissa is probably one of the most patient people I know–she is also an excellent Montessori teacher. She has converted the basement in her home to teach not only her own kids, but my first born son and a few of his friends. If you are looking for a small Montessori class for your child, you need to contact Melissa. Currently she is working with children ranging from the pre-school age to kindergarten. Last week I attended my son’s birthday celebration. Melissa lit the yellow candle in the middle of the sun above and Wyatt had to walk around the sun 4 times to represent how long he has been on the Earth. I shared a snack with the children and then they played outside. For me, one of the best parts about this school is the close location, the updated classroom with all new Montessori items, the opportunity Wyatt has had to get to know his neighbors who are now his best friends that he sees at the park and on the soccer field, and of course, Melissa. Her email is: if you’d like more information about the school.


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