Real Estate Update




I took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday with my kids and was amazed (again) by all of the different homes in Cheverly. Every house has its own shape, its own look. Every single home is unique. I was surprised to see this beautiful house at 3303 Cheverly Ave for sale. (a porch, garage, driveway…) And for 249,500 K?! If this 2 bedroom house is too small for you, think about all you could do with 50-100K?

Speaking of real estate, I have two friends that will be listing their homes for sale in the next couple of weeks. I cannot wait to list them on the blog…so keep checking in for new listings. The Cheverly market is continuing to grow!!

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  1. Amyjean says:

    I hope waiting until January isn’t the worst decision of our lives… Lol. So many houses that are flying off the market so quickly. Can’t wait to see your friends’ homes!!!

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