Pumpkin Carving and Consignment Shopping Links






Meet my neighbors, Deepak, Leighann, and Benjamin. They are the type of people you want living next door to you. Friendly, giving, fun and laid back! They moved to Cheverly 11 months ago and we attend the same church. Yesterday I counted on Deepak and Abel Olivo to help me with unload a couch I bought in Annapolis. Last night Deepak borrowed our car to drop off a meal for a family in need and today I’m dropping off some boy clothes for Ben. Community. I love it.

I’ve taken this entire week off of work and because of that, I’ve had more time to hang out with my neighbors. A couple days ago I was outside working on the yard with my boys when Deepak and Leighann brought out a pumpkin to carve (because that’s what you start doing when you have kids!!) and I thought it would be a fun photo opportunity.

Besides yard work, I’ve spent most of the week shopping for our house. I discovered really great stores for furniture in both Bowie and Annapolis and thought I’d share them with you. If you enjoy thrifting and looking around consignment stores, I’ve found some great ones:

Echoes and Accents in Annapolis where I found my couch: www.echoesandaccents.com

Annapolis Resale Furniture and Finds where I found some end tables: www.annapolisresalefurniture.com

Then…And Again, a great antique store: www.thennagain.com

And my favorite pick which is a upscale clothing consignment store (and has great prices) is Return to Oz ozconsignments.com

I love the fact that Cheverly is so close to Annapolis! Happy shopping.



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