Silent Auction


I’m so grateful for neighbors and friends like Chase O’Brien who spends so much of her time volunteering in our local elementary school, at CUMC, and at other community events.  (at the same time raising 3 young boys!) Tonight she is sharing a great word about the silent auction. Remember, the auction committee needs a head count by tomorrow. Please take the time to read this and buy some tickets. My husband and I will be there and I’m excited to get some early Christmas presents. Thanks for contributing to the blog, Chase.

There have been a lot of email blasts recently about the “CUMC Fundraiser/ Silent Auction” and probably more are to come. These emails have all of the information about the upcoming event. But you may not know what I am talking about because you deleted the message before reading it. Or maybe you are new to Cheverly, and you do not attend the Cheverly United Methodist Church (CUMC), so you might not think that the event is for you. Well, that’s exactly why I asked Lisa if she could put something on her blog.

The event is for you!!!

To be honest, before we joined CUMC, I didn’t pay any attention to the advertisements for this event. I thought it was just for the members. Once we joined the church, we attended the event. I was so surprised by the number of people who attended the event who weren’t members. I honestly didn’t understand why so many people unaffiliated with the church would support the event. Then my children started attending Cheverly Weekday Nursery. After a week of dropping them off and picking them up every day, I started to figure it out. Oh. My. Goodness! That building is utilized by A LOT of different organizations!!!! Eventually, I learned that this Silent Auction / Dinner is the biggest fundraiser for the CUMC. The proceeds benefit not only the church and its members, but also the many people who are either part of these organizations and or benefit from the services of these organizations. The following year, I joined the planning committee for this event. Again, I was surprised, actually shocked. One of the committee members, Casey Kneipp, isn’t a CUMC member. Actually, that’s the part that surprised me. The shock didn’t come until the end of the event when I realized how much time and energy Casey pours into the event – EVERY year! My intrigue finally led me to ask her the question; WHY?!!! Here’s what Casey said, “To me, the Cheverly United Methodist Church is more than just a local church. It is a community organization, a home-town resource and a gathering place for my neighbors and friends. The building itself is a beautiful work of architecture and provides the community with a handsome landmark. I especially enjoy the bells ringing the time of day. Like most old structures it requires a lot of maintenance and funds are needed to accomplish that. As a resident of Cheverly, I benefit from the presence of an impressive historical landmark and even though I am not a member of the congregation, I am happy to be able to help in a small way. The members of the congregation that I have met through helping with the annual fundraiser have become good friends. Many different town organizations (some of which I am a member) hold meetings in the building. One of the best things about Cheverly is the many volunteers and folks willing to step up and help their neighbors. I look forward to seeing many of them at the CUMC auction to be held at another remarkable historical landmark in Cheverly, The American Legion.”

Casey and many of our neighbors profiled in this blog are involved in at least one of the many great organizations within Cheverly. Did you know that at least 15 different organizations utilize the CUMC building? Yep, that’s right! Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Tai Chi Marshal Arts, AA, Wildflower Yoga, Safe Passages, STEM Homeschoolers, Christ Church, Cheverly Garden Club, Cheverly Weekday Preschool, Cheverly Young Actors Guild, Vine Corps and Help by Phone all use space in the magnificent building.

Whether you are part of one of these great organizations or benefit from them, this event IS for you. So please consider joining me and many of the great people who make Cheverly the place that so many people choose!!

I’ll leave you with the words from Mayor Callahan (who also attends this event every year and is NOT a member of CUMC congregation): “Support Cheverly’s Second Community Center, Have Fun, Get a head start on Christmas Shopping!”

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  1. tammnel says:

    When my kids (now 13 and 18) were younger I would find myself at CUMC for Mother’s Day Out, Cheverly Weekday Nursery, Scouts, Cheverly Young Actor’s Guild, various club meetings, and yoga classes. I am not a member of CUMC and I used to joke that Sunday was the only day each week that I *wasn’t* in the building! I agree wholeheartedly with Mayor Mike … the church has served as a “second community center” to my family for all 22 years that I have lived here, and CUMC deserve support from all of us! See you at the Silent Auction!

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