Welcome! And Why I Choose Cheverly

SK_10082012_Welcome_Neighbor_Plant_2-580x773Have you watched the news lately? I had to stop looking at the internet this morning because my blood started to boil. We live in a crazy, crazy world and sometimes I get discouraged when I think about my 2 and 4 year olds growing up in it. They are so innocent right now and truthfully, I want them to stay that way. And then you have Cheverly. Cheverly–a community where people of all faiths, all different political parties, people who look and act very different from one another who are bringing welcome baskets into homes. What?! That restores a little hope in me for a better world. I’m so grateful that my boys will grow up in a community where love is displayed. One of our local residents sent me an email to my ichoosecheverly gmail account. I was so grateful to hear from her and to hear the news that she is delivering welcome baskets to new residents. Of course, I’m a huge fan of welcome baskets–because they really do make you feel welcome. When I was younger I remember my next door neighbors bringing by cookies and gifts on special occasions–but that doesn’t really happen today–except in Cheverly. That’s why I’m not planning to move anytime soon. Folks, you cannot buy love like this. Please read the message below–and let Teresa know if you know anyone new in Cheverly…

I want to let you know that I am delivering Welcome Bags to new Cheverly residents and would appreciate any help you are willing to provide in getting the word out about this endeavor. I deliver a reusable Cheverly Community Market bag that has enclosed; a welcome letter from Mayor Callahan, info from local businesses and market vendors, a coupon for free coffee at the market, brochures from the Bladensburg Waterfront Marina, a copy of the Green Infrastructure Plan, info on volunteer opportunities in town, info on the tree planting program, seeds from the Master Gardener’s, etc., to any newcomers that I hear about. If you can encourage anyone who may know about a new neighbor to contact me at tewjed@gmail.com I will certainly make sure our new neighbors get a welcome bag.

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  1. liliribeira says:

    Cheverly is certainly a unique and special place, as you have illustrated very clearly. A great place to be raising my two little ones. I love the welcome basket idea too!

  2. Christal says:

    When I first moved to Cheverly as a child in the 70’s the Woman’s Club delivered Welcome Wagon baskets to new neighbors. My mother joined the club and delivered them for years. They included a town phone book, map, garden seeds and other goodies. It’s nice to see this tradition return!

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