This Weekend’s Open House



PG8499203 - Exterior (Rear)PG8499203 - Living Room

I’m a little obsessed with this ‘fixer upper’. Again, a perfect house for HGTV 🙂 If I had some extra cash, I’d put it into this home. For 275K, this house gives you a beautiful front porch, a driveway, a large backyard, a great street with awesome neighbors, a 3 minute walk to Cheese Park…and of course, you have the neighborhood. There is so much someone can do with this home. The structure is there, it just needs some special touches. It’s my pick for the open house this weekend. Come visit it on Saturday from 1-4, 3131 Parkway.

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  1. A whole street of great neighbors! This would be an awesome “flipper” property or fixer upper for a family. It will sell for much more once it gets some TLC. Lots of young families on this street. There is a park down the road and a bus to metro/schools a block away. The front foot fee is from a recent water/sewer upgrade, I believe.

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