Mark Your Calendar and Celebrate the Holidays Cheverly Style!


Ok, let’s get real here. Yesterday I found out someone on DC Urban Mom’s (and Dad’s) posted about Cheverly. They asked, “What’s the deal with Cheverly?” People chimed in, some with positive things to say, some with negative. (schools, county, surrounding areas) As I type, the forums on the DC Urban Mom’s site is down. When it opens up again, I will definitely answer some of the questions and negative input. Questions like these about my neighborhood only heighten my desire to continue working hard on this blog.

I mean, if you want to live in a safe neighborhood where you know your neighbors and can meet up with your friends at tons of activities taking place in all seasons, this is the place for you. Last weekend I went to DC a couple times to visit some friends. I loved seeing them, but I hated the traffic. Anywhere you drive around here, you are always at risk of sitting in your car NOT moving. That use to be fine with me, but with young kids, it can be a real pain. I love the idea of having tons of LOCAL things to do (aka, I can walk to get to all these things) every weekend. I don’t need to fight traffic, I don’t need to worry about entertaining my kids by myself. I just go to a local activity and I see friends and my kids see their friends. What a blessing.

Now, if you are like me, your schedule is already filling up with holiday activities. This post will try to help you plan for all of the great opportunities Cheverly will have in the next month.

Saturday November 22nd: Purchase your Christmas tree at the huge (45 venders), indoor, Thanksgiving Market. 8-noon in the community center.

Thursday November 27th: Cheer on the runners during the Turkey Trot. Or better yet, run or do the 1K walk.

Friday December 5th: Come to the community center gym at 6pm to see special holiday performances. Walk to Legion Park with your neighbors for the tree lighting! (how cool is this?!)

Saturday December 6th: For those of you with children, come back to the community center at 11am for the Children’s Holiday Party. Visit with Santa (see picture above) and enjoy entertainment, refreshment and crafts! Also, children will have the opportunity to purchase small gifts in their budget range at Santa’s Secret Shop.

Saturday December 13th: Holiday Market! Buy your Christmas presents locally at the holiday market. 8am-noon

Ok, do we have the most amazing community or what?!

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