Meet My New Friends


These two couples have to be some of the most fun people I’ve met in Cheverly. And I say that after having a short 10 minute or so conversation. Bonus, I can’t remember their names.

We met at the CUMC Fundraiser last Saturday night. It was a lovely event and I even won a couple nice gifts. My new friends have lived in Cheverly for 35 years. (and the man on the very left even grew up in Cheverly!) They’ve raised kids here. One of them coached soccer here for 20 years. They’ve put their kids in school here–and now they are retiring here. I secretly hope that this will be my story and I’m sure that is one of the many reasons why I had such a connection with them. I can see raising my children here with the help of my friends, watching them go off to college and then spending time at Cheverly events with my best friends.

These friendly couples had nothing but wonderful things to say about our neighborhood. They have the same type affinity for Cheverly that I do. Now, to the rest of you who missed the fundraiser, you missed meeting up with some amazing people. I hope we see you there next year!

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  1. Cathy W. says:

    They are (from l. to r.) Jim Kurtz and Laurie Green and Bob and Roxanne Klosowski. They are my friends too! Who wouldn’t want to know this foursome?

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