Meet Your Neighbors: Gavin, Jennifer, Emily, Ella (and baby girl to come) Daniels




The Daniels family! I’m so glad you all get to ‘meet’ them today. They are amazing neighbors and we are lucky to have them in our neighborhood. And aren’t they beautiful?! Gavin and Jennifer are expecting their third child (another girl) soon.

The Daniels are very involved in their parish, St. Ambrose and I wanted them to share more about the school. St. Ambrose (the catholic school in town) is having an open house on Sunday in case any of you are interested in it as an option. On another note, the Daniels didn’t mention this but Jennifer is on the pool board and they are involved with so many other Cheverly organizations–this family really serves our community behind the scenes. Here they are in their own words:

Why (Jennifer) do you choose Cheverly? What are the thing/s that you love about it the most?

My husband and I lived on Capitol Hill for 8 years.  I learned about Cheverly  from friends who were members of the Cheverly Swim and Racquet Club.  Once I had my first daughter, everyone told me I had to join the pool!  So I drove over one day to look at the pool and instantly fell in love with the neighborhood.  Unique, brick, stand alone houses with real yards!  When I did more research and learned how affordable the houses were, I knew this would be our next home.   I was very hesitant to leave Capitol Hill because we were so close to our neighbors and loved the community feel.  But it didn’t take long once we got here to learn how what close knit neighborhood we have!  

We joined St. Ambrose Parish, Gavin joined the Men’s Club, I attended CPRC playgroups, there were family events at the American Legion — and soon after our arrival, our first Cheverly Day, which exceeded all expectations — especially the fireworks!   Over the past four years as our kids have gotten older, Cheverly has even more to offer.  We joined the Babysitting Co-Op which is living proof of the “it takes a village” concept.  I can walk both of my daughters to school — Ella to Weekday Nursery, and Emily to St. Ambrose.  They are in choir, yoga and Emily joined the Daisy’s troop — all right here in the neighborhood.  And with baby number three on the way, I can’t wait to meet some new moms at a new baby meet up!  

Cheverly is the perfect small town with a great community of neighbors, and still so close to all that DC has to offer.  I think its the best of both worlds!

What is your favorite go to restaurant or shop close by?

We go back to Capitol Hill as much as possible.  H Street Corridor is quick trip –as is Barrack’s Row/ Eastern Market.  Mmmmm, District Taco.  But we also love going to Hyattsville Art District area for Chipotle and Elevation Burger.  One secret shopping place I love is the Ross on Benning Road.  It’s right off 295 before you get too far into DC and there is always are great selection of toys for the kids and shoes for me!  And I can’t forget to mention the Target Center at Vista Garden — just a short drive east on Hwy 50.  There is a drive thru Starbucks & Chic-Fil-A which is magical when you have young kids!

I know that you all are sending your kids to St. Ambrose. Can you tell me what you like about the school?

The number two reason we initially chose Cheverly, right behind affordability, was there fact there was a Catholic School for our kids.  Catholic schools are known for strong academics, discipline, affordability and of course a faith filled environment.  But as leadership is key in any school, I wanted to know more about the principal.  Dian Carter, the principal of St. Ambrose, is amazing.  She is a parent and runs the school almost like a mom runs a busy household.  She knows every student, parent and even siblings by name – and their favorite football team!  Dian ensures everyone feels like they are a part of a family — but also holds everyone to high standards.   She is visible, accessible and responsive.  The teachers love their students – you know they really want to be there.  The school offers a well rounded academic portfolio, but then they also have a champion track team and a great emphasis on arts.  Stay tuned for news on the first school musical this spring!  I am very confident my children will get a quality education in PK-8th grade at St. Ambrose, but also gain the life skills needed to be strong, independent, young ladies prepared for high school.  (but not too soon!)

Thanks for taking part in these Meet Your Neighbor posts, Jennifer! (and family)

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