Meet Your Neighbors: Bill and Denise Carrigan

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Meet Bill and Denise Carrigan–your Cheverly neighbors. I don’t know Denise all too well, but I heard about her from some Cheverly friends and I had a couple people tell me that she would be a great person to feature for a “Meet Your Neighbor” post. Why? I think Denise has the same type of love for Cheverly that so many people who live here do. Bill and Denise have raised their children here and continue to be involved in the community. When I asked Denise why she chose Cheverly so many years ago, she wrote something incredibly heart felt. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

When my husband Bill and I were house hunting in the summer if 1991, we didn’t have all the handy tools available to individuals today.  I was quite pregnant with our second child, and our son James had just turned 2.  We were probably in the same boat as many young couples in the area.  We had some extended family nearby,  but for the most part we were trying to navigate raising our family on our own. We pretty much knew what we could afford,  and while lots of the houses we looked at were nice, there really wasn’t much of a neighborhood feel to speak of.  

Bill worked for a company located near Cheverly and told me about this nice neighborhood.   I had never heard of Cheverly,  so I had to take his word for it!   Bill actually scouted out a few homes in the neighborhood.  I looked at 1-  5728 Lockwood Road.  There was wallpaper in the kitchen,  going up the stairs,  and in both bathrooms.  (I don’t like wallpaper!)  But there were these beautiful hardwood floors everywhere, and a woods in my back yard!  We moved in about 6 weeks later, and 23 years later are still at that same address!

From day one, the neighbors were super nice,  and 2 families have been with us for the entire ride.   And while others have come and gone,  we have always had great neighbors.   That is almost unheard of!   Our boys loved and hated that they had many surrogate parents in town!   They had to really work hard to get away with anything! 

Our house has gone through constant updates and changes,  and so have we. But at the heart of all if that,  Cheverly has been a constant.   We kind of wrapped our lives around this little town.  Bill was Coach Bill for a lot of years with the Boys and Girls Club.   Our boys were involved in the Cheverly Young Actors Guild.  Both are alum of Gladys Noon Spellman.   Michael,  who was less than one month old when we moved here, is an Eagle Scout of Troop 257.  We joined the pool when we were able to afford it,  and both our boys spent many a happy day at Camp CSRC!

We have been members of CUMC for almost 20 years, and that has consumed many free hours over the years!  We think we have downsized,  but still find time for VBS and helping with Sunday School.   Our connections to church doesn’t stop there.   St Ambrose has been very important to us as well-  we have many wonderful friends through Bill’s assocation with the Men’s Club.

On paper, this looks kind of impressive- but Cheverly has many families who do just what we did.    We still feel like new kids on the block-  we know of many 2nd and 3rd generations in Cheverly.   Families just like us have dedicated pretty much their whole lives to making this a great neighborhood.  I brag to my coworkers that I know hundreds of my neighbors-  that is not an exaggeration.   We have friends from 1- 90!  You don’t get to appreciate this town and all the wonderful people if you stay at home!  So many great memories, and very few regrets.  

Cheverly is constantly changing.   Sometimes we complain, but at the heart of Cheverly,  there has always been wonderful people and families dedicated to making this the Best Neighborhood ever!  That’s why we would Choose Cheverly-  it’s not our address, it’s our family!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Fantastic response Denise. Glad to count you both as our long time Cheverly friends.

  2. Luanne Smith says:

    Denise, very well said. As one of those 2nd generations, I completely agree.

  3. Kenny Jones says:

    Great Story, the Carrigans are one of the many families that make Cheverly such a great place to live!!!!

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