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Today I wanted to do as I promised last week and highlight some of the area schools. Unfortunately I didn’t get much response from my post, “I need your help.” Because I haven’t heard back from anyone about how wonderful St. Ambrose is, I thought I’d share a couple thoughts myself. First of all, St. Ambrose school is located IN our neighborhood. That is a huge plus for those of us who are looking for a school that is within walking distance. (or a close drive) I have never visited the parish before but I have heard wonderful things both about the church and the school from close friends of mine. I reached out to a couple of those friends last week to ask about the PreK program and here are a few snippets from our emails:

The community is wonderful, and the teachers are so loving.  Although neither of my kids will have gone to pre-K there, I have heard nothing but absolutely wonderful things about the pre-K teacher, Mrs. Heer – and from my interactions with her she seems like a lovely, loving person.   The aftercare providers are great – most of them are actually the teachers, and then a few extras like Mrs. Tomai from Weekday Nursery. The kids are in smaller groups with like-aged kids until 5:30 or so, and then those that remain are all put together, all grades.  I really have been very impressed with the parents I have met, in addition to the teachers, and I really like the principal, Mrs. Carter, as well.

My child really loves going to school — and I believe the teachers are key to that!  Also, the principal Dian is also amazing, she really sets the culture in the school.  And in both programs, all the real “learning” is before lunch.  After lunch in PreK they only read some books and have play time.  The PreK programs offer a lot of outside free play — another very important part of school to me!

These two friends are amazing, smart, educated people and had nothing but wonderful things to say about the school. St. Ambrose educates children from the PreK age to grade 8. And truthfully, I’d love to hear from other parents who send their children to this school. Feel free to leave a comment on this blog. It would be really helpful. St. Ambrose is hosting an open house on Jan 25th. See the information that they provided below. I hope to check out the school soon.


We invite the entire community to join us for a celebration of Catholic Schools Week – the last week of January.  St. Ambrose School will host an open house with tours for prospective families from 11-1PM on Sunday January 25th.  A current student will lead you from classroom to classroom where you can meet the teachers and ask any questions you have about St. Ambrose School.

St. Ambrose is a very warm community. Come meet our family and see everything the school has to offer!

Learn more about academics, specials programs, tuition at:


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  1. Kimberly Tremble says:

    I suppose I was thinking that a current parent would be better at giving a response, but if you are searching for responses I will give one. Our three daughters all attended St. Ambrose Catholic School from kindergarten through eighth grade and we were very happy with the education they received. Our youngest daughter graduated from St. Ambrose in 2013. It was a warm and welcoming envrionment and our children thrived there. Their teachers were all caring people and they pushed their students to do their best. We knew we wanted a Catholic school for our daughters and we do attend St. Ambrose Church, but there were several of our daughters’ classmates who were not Catholic. There were lots of extra activities that the students could be involved in from sports to yearbook to student government. The size of the school and classes was a plus as well. Every teacher and staff member knew all of the students (not just those in his/her own class). It is a great idea to go to the St. Ambrose Open House to see all the great things going on there.

    1. lisawink2014 says:

      Thanks so much for your thoughts, Kimberly!

  2. Marisa Bourgoin says:

    We are current parents at St. Ambrose and we have been so happy with the school. Our boys are in the 1st grade and in the 4th grade and they love going to school every day – they’ve made great friends, their teachers are fantastic, the community is supportive and fun, and we can see how much they are learning and growing. The Open House offers a great introduction to the school, its staff, and programs. All are welcome – it’s not just for prospective families so come by to learn more about this great facet of our neighborhood!

  3. Angelique Hardy (Newman) says:

    I went there from kindergarten to 8th grade, graduating in 1983. I enjoyed my time there and received a very good education. I would recommend it.

  4. Luanne (Vendemia) Smith says:

    I not only went there (graduated in 1982), but my mother was the school secretary for over 32 years. St. Ambrose has been part of my life as long as I can remember. Good education and Mrs. Carter has worked hard to make the school a part of the community and a good neighbor. When you attend the open house, you will feel the welcoming atmosphere of the school.

  5. Anna says:

    My daughter has flourished at St. Ambrose and wakes up excited for school. She is in kindergarten right now and loves her teacher, Ms. Howell. I love how warm all the staff are, especially Mrs. Carter. She makes a point to make each student feel special, important and valued.

  6. Angela Alkire says:

    I myself am a St. Ambrose grad-I will not disclose when I graduated-well, maybe for a price! My three older kids are also graduates and currently my youngest, John, is a 6th grader at St. Ambrose. I should also disclose that I have been on the St. Ambrose Advisory Board for a number of years and I have chaired this group for the last three years (maybe it’s four, I’ve had so much fun I’ve lost count). I have been sold for decades on St. Ambrose. The teachers care about their students and this is clearly palpable when you walk down the halls of the school. The principal, Mrs. Dian Carter, truly rocks! Her energy and her tireless dedication distinguish this community. That this is a caring, warm, nurturing environment where education and Catholicism are paramount, is an understatement. I highly recommend St. Ambrose. I would be remiss in not mentioning that we have a phenomenal Paster, Father Kevin Kennedy. Father Kennedy is a regular at the school and especially at dismissal time. His leadership, along with that of Mrs. Carter, truly make our school a special place for our children.

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