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(My son at last night’s chili dinner, taken with my blackberry so sorry about the quality! And yes, he brought his two dinosaurs)

I’ve been getting all the ‘skinny’ on the homes that are up for sale in Cheverly from someone I’ve never met, but corresponded with often through this blog. She and her husband are looking to call Cheverly ‘home’. I love it. They desire so many of the things that Cheverly offers. A neighborhood where you actually know your neighbors, a safe community for their child. I’m excited for them because of course, you all know that I think Cheverly is the best. Last night I went to the chili dinner at the Cheverly United Methodist Church. I feel like I’ve been hibernating since late fall so it was exciting to see all of my friends again. I think my 4 year old son had his entire soccer team there, which was very exciting for him. The chili looked amazing, they had two large crockpots with homemade veggie chili and beef chili alongside went salad, cheese, chips, cornbread, desserts and drinks. Paranoid as I am about my kids getting sick, I made sure to get to the church early and leave before my boys got out of control. But the whole evening made me think about growing up in Oklahoma at my Lutheran Church. Every Wednesday night we would meet for spaghetti dinner that included Little Caesars Pizza. I ran around with my friends while my mom helped with the food. In last night’s scenario I’m the grown up (hard to believe) and my kids were the ones running around with their friends. These friends are not leaving Cheverly anytime soon. Thank God. They will be friends that will meet up for chili this time next year and for many years to come. Maybe one day after my kids are grown I will be the one cooking the chili and serving it to my neighbors.

Back to my friend that I met through this blog and who is looking for a house in Cheverly, I must say this to you- If you end up buying a house, throw yourself into events like the chili dinner and the 80th Anniversary Gala for the Cheverly Legion. If you reach out, you will be sure to make beautiful memories for yourself and your children.

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  1. AmyJean says:

    I love that Cheverly has so many different community organized events!!!

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