A Gala, Casino Night, and A Ball

Cheverly does not lack in the things to do department. If you live in Cheverly, it is your choice whether or not to be social. Our fun town always has some sort of activity planned, whether it is the Community Market and Pool in the summer, the Cheverly Day and Cheverly Prom in the spring, the Food Truck Day in the fall or the Gala’s or Ball’s in the winter. I’m so grateful that the Legion allowed me and my friend Suzanne to take pictures last Saturday night. The Legion is 80 years old! 80! Built with doors from the Supreme Court and bricks from The White House, the Legion is beautiful from the outside. Last Saturday night the Legion turned into a ballroom for the 80th Anniversary Gala. The theme was the thirties and everyone attending had a blast. Decorations were stunning and provided by volunteers/residents of Cheverly. (Huge thanks to Lane Thompson and Nancy Clay) If you were not there, I would recommend thinking about attending The Sweetheart Ball coming up in a couple of weeks and/or The Casino Night this weekend. If you do not know your neighbors, now is the time. I will leave you with the information below. For now I wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures for those of you who have not seen them on Facebook. If you want to see them all, click here.


Please don’t miss out on the next two events in town. Here are the details:

Jan 31st (this Sat) from 7:00-12:00am at St. Ambrose Fannon Hall. Tickets can be bought here:


Feb 6th- (Friday night) Sweetheart Charity Ball, also at St. Ambrose. Information is below-

Hello friends and neighbors,

If you can believe it, Valentine’s Day is a little over a month away, and with it will come Cheverly’s 3rd Annual Sweetheart Charity Ball & Potluck Dinner on Friday, February 6th!

Our Sweetheart Charity Ball raises money for two wonderful organizations: FAIR Girls, which helps survivors of human trafficking, and the Immigration Legal Services and Refugee Center of Catholic Charities, which provides legal support, counseling services, and other services for refugees and survivors of human trafficking.

Tickets are $20/person or $200/table and are on sale now! (Although there is no price difference when purchasing a whole table, ONLY full tables have reserved seating, so rope in your friends and reserve your table early!)

85% of your ticket price will be tax-deductible, and of course 100% of donations are tax deductible.

Have a great week, and we hope to see you in February!


Natalie Pappas and the Sweetheart Charity Ball Committee


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