Cheverly Volleyball


I have great news for those of you who love volleyball. (I’m more of a soccer gal but I’ve lost my voice at a couple volleyball games back in the day) One of our long time Cheverly residents emailed me and told me about a group of people who play volleyball in Cheverly. I had no idea but I love the sound of it. So for all of you who have some time on your hands, this would be excellent. See the details below and have a lovely weekend…

Did you know that adult coed volleyball has been played regularly in Cheverly for over 40 years? The games have changed over the years from formal teams with hired officials to pickup games. The one constant over the years is fun and good exercise. Currently, games are played in the old Cheverly Tuxedo Elementary School / Judith Hoyer Early Learning Center across from the 7-11. Games are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm – 10pm. There are two nets set up, although only one has been used so far this year. Players range in age from twentysomething to seventysomething, and teams are arranged (and frequently rearranged) so that everyone has fun and a chance to win. The indoor season runs from October to May, while summertime games are played at the Cheverly Swim and Racquet Club. Volleyballs are provided, so all you need to bring are sneakers, a bottle of water, and knee pads (if you plan on diving for the ball). A google groups list is used to communicate before every game. To get added to the list or for more information, please call or email Ken Jones (240-882-3694 / or email Jennie Clark ( or just stop by Tuesday or Thursday night!

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