Back to Reality


It was warm. It was lovely. It was peaceful. Everyone should go to the Florida coast once in the winter. (at least) I unplugged, ate some fish at restaurants by the water, walked 5th Ave South in Naples, ate Gelato, put on my bathing suit daily, went to the beach daily, oh yes- and picked fresh strawberries and tomatoes. Did you know it is strawberry season in Florida? Fresh strawberries are the best. And now we are back. My first encounter with a Washingtonian was at the baggage claim when I had to leave my two boys sitting by themselves in order to push my way through the crowd to get our bag. Of course, once I got my bag, no one would move an inch to let me out. People everywhere including a ton of cars outside. The craziness of a big city, part of which I love and missed, and the other part of me craving the slower pace of life in Florida. My mom and I had a lovely talk about the differences between the two and she reminded me that “at least I have Cheverly.” Well, right now Cheverly awaits a snow storm but it does have the small town, slower pace feel I left behind in Florida. Thank God for Cheverly.

So what are you all doing in this cold weather?! We’ve shut ourselves indoors because my little ones have colds- but today I finally ventured out to the Annapolis Mall. I find that this is my favorite mall in the area. It’s only a 20 minute drive from Cheverly- you never have to fight traffic because you take 50 east the entire way- and they have great stores like Trader Joes and Whole Foods nearby. Today I found a new gem in the mall: Lolli and Pops. Divine. They have tons of fun gummy flavors (including stawberry and banana, mango, pink grapefruit) and amazing looking chocolate. Most are gluten free and almost all are kosher.

Hope to blog tomorrow with some neighborhood pictures of the snow!

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  1. Don’t forget to check out the kids club at the mall – we love grabbing a quick lunch date while the kiddos are playing there

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