Child Care and Why I Choose Cheverly


Hello faithful readers out there! My random thoughts for this evening: I have some moments with the blog where I struggle because I have a huge desire to be creative-and not only that, there are so many things going on here in Cheverly that often I find myself overwhelmed with keeping up. I know, a great problem to have in such a lovely place. Yesterday my son made some cupcakes and then delivered them to 3 homes where his friends live. Two are next door neighbors on both sides of us, and one is about 4 houses down and across the street. I was putting my youngest to bed thinking about my 4-year-old bringing Valentines Day cupcakes to his friends, amazed that they all live so close–and that all of these families are so wonderful. Who can say that around DC? And how many DC residents would feel safe walking around with their 4-year-old at night in the dark? It’s these  little things that make life much more pleasurable in the long run.

I’m telling you all this because tonight I checked my account. When I first opened up the email account I didn’t receive any emails, now thankfully I have the joy of reading many emails from people looking for homes here in our community. It’s really such a blessing for me to write about this neighborhood. I’m so encouraged that many of you are discovering Cheverly for the first time. A couple of weeks ago I had someone who is looking for a home in Cheverly ask me this: We are considering buying a home in Cheverly and I am having a hard time finding any information/reviews on infant child care/in-home care options. I noticed you are planning to write about schools in Cheverly. Would it be possible to include some information on child care as well? 

Child care in Cheverly. Been there, done that, and still venturing my way through it. This is a common question from first time pregnant moms- which there are many right now. Child care is always a daunting thought for many new moms who plan to work outside the home–but in every case I’ve seen, it always seems to work out. I know that there are two or three in home childcare options in the town of Cheverly. Can any long time residents help me out here in the comment section? Candy is one–and I’m not sure about the others, nor do I know their contact information. Again, if anyone knows, feel free to share. Really popular options are hiring either a nanny or an au-pair. Some moms have done nanny shares where one home is the host home and the other child comes to them. A great site to find nannies is and dc urban mom’s and dad’s- they have a section for Maryland specifically. You can also join the Cheverly mom’s list serve and email the group to see if you get any response. A huge plus for child care in Cheverly is that it is much cheaper than paying someone in the District. Nannies, in general, are paid a bit less here. I hope that is helpful.

Last week I received another email from someone who found the blog, was intrigued, drove through the neighborhood and stopped by the Thanksgiving Market. She said: we also stopped by the Thanksgiving Market where we were instantly made welcome by friendly to-be neighbors. (I’m not surprised) She went on to say that “Everyone here has been so welcoming and wonderful” and “It really is like coming home sweet home.” This couple ended up buying and I’m hoping they received a welcome basket 🙂

There is really so much more that I can say but I’m starting to wonder if people are not sick of me gushing over Cheverly! Signing off,



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  1. Jennifer butler says:

    The cupcakes were awesome!! Thanks!

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