Cheverly Day 2015



So I’ve lived in Cheverly for almost 10 years now and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only attended Cheverly Day a handful of times. I can’t honestly say why as I lived only a couple blocks away from the festivities. I think I just didn’t know too much about it, and as a single girl, I didn’t have much interest. Now I’m kicking myself because Cheverly Day is simply amazing. It’s almost too difficult to tell you in words. This town puts on a fabulous party. My husband’s favorite event was the East vs West softball game at Town Park. I loved the fireworks and the Cheverly Prom. Make plans now to clear your schedule on the weekend of May 16th. This year’s theme is “Keep Cheverly Wild” and you can help out my contacting the head organizer, David Thorpe They are currently seeking out volunteers to make this day a great success. You can check out their website or blog to see pictures from former Cheverly Day’s. Of course they are also on Twitter and Facebook. Photos from last year’s Cheverly Day can be found here.

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