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Friends. I’m so excited to share this news with you. Do you have the My Cheverly App on your phone? If not, why not? It’s free. Download it today. Created by a good friend of mine, Joel Thomas, this app features my blog (thank you Joel) where you can post pictures of our town, neighborhood info, commuter alerts, local news, Cheverly business coupons, fix it requests, emergency contact list, click to call police…and more! The Cheverly App was featured in the Washington Post and the Gazette which was great local press for our community. Did you know that you can advertise your business and/or provide coupons on the App? Contact to learn more.

If you have a vision for something in this community, you can make it happen. Joel had a great idea and now our entire neighborhood can benefit from it. Again, more reasons to love Cheverly.

Here is the history behind the App from Joel:


In 2013 I created this app with my everyday life in mind.  I simply wanted to consolidate access to information related to the neighborhood into one central place – my iPhone.  I also wanted to reduce the number of searches and clicks to information that I thought would be useful.  So I began thinking about the things I do everyday including commute to work, walk to the metro, etc. and decided to configure the app to track the things that mattered to me including metro status, status, road status, weather, local news and more.

Over time my thinking evolved.  I knew that there are quite a few town organizations but it wasn’t always easy to find them – so I configured the app to link to any town organization website that I could find.  Then I found myself in situations where I needed emergency contact information and couldn’t readily find what I needed – so I figured I would consolidate it all into a simple list of Emergency Contacts that folks could access in time of need (e.g. police, pepco, wssc, poison control, towing, open/close town facilities).  I also wanted to make sure that everyone had a one click to call the Cheverly police from the app just in case of need.

After some more input from town residents, I found that I could make the app a bit more social and began to add features such as “please fix it” which reports issues to the town administrator and public works (includes ability to upload pictures).  Other social features include photo sharing, local reviews through Yelp & Open Table, and the ability to create a petition using some national platforms.  I also found that I could encourage local business by creating the ability for Cheverly businesses to advertise their stuff in hopes that one day the app would be self-sustainable and independent from the need for town funding.

I was fortunate to garner support from Mayor Callahan and the Town Council to fund the app and I am grateful to them for their assistance in making the app available to everyone in the town.  It is really a special thing that a town our size has its own app and I encourage you all to download and share the news today! You can download it from the Apple App store, Google Play or the Amazon store on your iOS or Android device.  Let me know if you have an idea of how to make the app better at

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