PG County Restaurant Week


We almost did it. We almost went the entire winter (yes, the entire winter) without one virus. I can’t even remember the last time my boys had a cold. I want to believe that God had mercy on my family because of the rough 2013/14 winter when we came down with not one, not two, but three cases of the norovirus. That was enough to make me want to pack up and move to Florida. So yes, somehow I thought we escaped the winter viruses that all little children bring into the home. We were so close until this week. Was it the trip to Chick-fil-A where the kids played around in the indoor play area with like 20 other (I’m assuming all healthy kids, right?!) youngsters? Or the trip to Wegmans where they got to drive one of those grocery carts with the play car attached to it? Either way, they caught the bugs (pink eye and a terrible virus) and gave it to their momma and we’ve been down and out all week. I’ve had countless offers for help from neighbors texting while they are at grocery stores, Target etc. Even just the thought of someone offering is a huge encouragement. So while I’ve been at home this week I’m thankful for this great place where we live.

Now, being sick is just terrible. I haven’t had a typical virus wipe we out in probably 2 years so this hit me like a ton of bricks. I haven’t wanted to write, think, eat, drink but I did brave the snow storm yesterday to make it to urgent care by 8am. My son and I were the first ones at the door but didn’t get to leave until 10am. They ran all the usual tests while I tried to preoccupy my 4 1/2 year old with uno. I kept telling him that I needed encouragement–even though we both were sick. (sounds pathetic, I know) So after we found out that we both didn’t have strep and that I didn’t have certain strains of the flu, I decided to take our sick bodies over to Rite Aid, which was right next door, to celebrate. My little one picked out orange juice and then I bought a package of my favorite candy, Swedish Fish. Before we hit the register I stopped at the Easter candy aisle and perused down the half off Valentines Day chocolate (I hadn’t eaten in 2 days). I encouraged my son to get the Cadbury Mini Eggs because they were my favorite growing up. Life is too short. Yes, we could barely walk. Yes, we felt terrible, but somehow buying candy and driving home in the snow made me feel happy.

And that long intro finally brings me to the point of today’s post- if this winter is driving you crazy, go do something you don’t normally do. For me, that will be going to try the new coffee shop in Hyattsville that I didn’t know was there until I read about it on our listserv- Vigilante Coffee Shop  and I’d love to make time to participate in PG County’s Restaurant Week–  Ledos Pizza and Elevation Burger are participating and so is my favorite cheap eats La Sirenita.

Hope you all can do something this weekend that you love but haven’t done in a while. I also hope you can participate in restaurant week next week! ps- have you downloaded the My Cheverly App? If you do, you can click on the I Choose Cheverly button and add your own pictures of our town.

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