Let’s Talk Food!



(picture is of the food at La Fondita)

Let’s talk about something else besides this horrible cold weather that won’t seem to say good-bye. Let’s talk about one of those happy subjects: food!

Now that I’m finally feeling better (not great, but better) it’s looking like I only have a couple opportunities to enjoy this restaurant week. Why? Because I hear that Thursday it might snow 6 inches (which means I won’t be driving anywhere)—and tonight is the Pancake Supper at Cheverly United Methodist Church. I’ve made it to the chili dinner which was awesome and I’m sure the Pancake Supper will be just as great. Cost is only $8 for adults and $4 for children (4-10). Toddlers 3 and under are free! So bundle up between 5:30-7:30 and walk on over to your local church.

Onto restaurant week. I posted about a couple places that were both close and well-reviewed by the Washington Post. In fact, both are sister restaurants: La Fondita and La Sirenita. I’ve been to La Sirenita in the past and have really enjoyed it but haven’t tried La Fondita which has enjoyed great reviews: On the weekends, securing a table at La Fondita can be as difficult as snagging a seat at Rose’s Luxury or Toki Underground.”

Push through the end of winter by letting someone else cook your food!

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