Cheverly Election Time!



Do you know what ward you live in? You should. And if you can’t locate it on the map above, try looking it up on this page. Why? Because on Monday May 4th we are having an election–and your vote counts. Here is a note from the major in the town newsletter: Cheverly Council members serve two year terms and earn $2,400 / per year. Cheverly is a weak mayor system of government, which means that the Town Government’s Chief Operating Officer is the Town Administrator. The Town Council’s role is to set policy, set priorities, establish a budget and oversee the operations of the town staff. Cheverly is a small town, and elections tend to be pretty civil affairs. However, vibrant elections are the foundation of good local government so if you are interested please join in.

I agree, Mayor Mike! So who is going to run to continue to make our town great?! Information is below…


MONDAY May 4, 2015 (7am—8pm)


Candidates for Town Council must be:

21 years of age on or before the date of election

A citizen of the United States

A registered voter of Cheverly

A resident of Cheverly for not less than 6 months

A resident of the ward from which they are elected (at least 45 days before the date of the election)

FILING INSTRUCTIONS FOR CANDIDATES: Filing forms may be obtained on line at or at the Town Office during normal

business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) . Call 301-773-8360 for more information.

Completed forms must be returned to the Town Office no later than 5:00PM. Friday, March 20, 2015

NOTE: The State of Maryland is requiring a new financial disclosure form that MUST be completed by all candidates in order for their petition for candidacy can be considered. The form can be downloaded from the Town’s website or picked-up from the Town Clerk during normal business hours.

NOTE: Pictures & Profiles of Candidates are run in the April Newsletter. They should be

submitted with the nominating petition or by the newsletter deadline (March 20).

Candidate Profiles must be brief (no longer than 350 words). Profiles will appear as written.

They will not be edited or corrected; however, if the profile is too long, staff will have to shorten

it by cutting it off at the paragraph closest to the limit.

 Picture should be a closeup will be cropped to about 2″x2″.

Please submit the profile and the picture on a disk or email separate files to

Please attach them as separate files; the profile as a WORD document and the picture as a JPEG file.

Contact the Town Clerk at 301-773-8360 if you need further information.


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