Let’s Talk Coffee





Let’s talk coffee. I’m not a coffee expert by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I gave it up when I was pregnant with my first son and broke my addiction. But I journal and so I love the coffee shop atmosphere. Cheverly, how I love you, but you fail me in one area—coffee shops. Anyone else feel the same way? Thankfully over the past couple of years Hyattsville has given us more choices for food and coffee—and it’s latest shop is called Vigilante. I’m happy to report that I went to see it this weekend and I will definitely go back. They roast their own coffee beans and have lovely fresh tea. (see pics above)

Now, it’s probably not the right time to bring this up, but my personality is such that I cannot keep things quiet that I’m thinking about for very long. A couple years ago I was talking with a friend of mine here in town and he mentioned that he purchased the yellow house across the street from the 7-11 with a couple other Cheverly families. They bought it to convert the house into a coffee shop. I about fell out of my chair. A coffee shop in our neighborhood?! Yes. I pictured myself taking walks with my boys down Cheverly Ave to get a hot cup and see all of my neighbors. Unfortunately their plan has been ‘derailed’ so to speak because of zoning issues. The house is built in a zone that is for residential properties only. I guess that the officials that make these decisions have concerns with parking. Where would you park if you visited this coffee shop? My suggestion would be at the old Montessori school that is almost next door. The parking lot is always empty. I wanted to mention this today because at some point I’d love to get together some names for a petition and lobby our election officials to allow our great community to have a coffee shop. (that almost everyone would walk to anyway) Hopefully you will join me in this endeavor once I can get more information. So that’s that. Cheverly, I see coffee in your future.


The lovely yellow (hopefully soon to be) future coffee shop…

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