Real Estate Update

Chev 2 Chev 3 Chev

Oh my goodness. I wrote too soon. Last week there was nothing on the market and over the weekend we had about 6 new homes listed in Cheverly. I’m happy to say that in just 3 short days, 2 are already pending! What does this mean? If you have a house with a really cool deck, your house will sell fast. I’m only half-way joking. But in all seriousness, if you have a great deck and a house that doesn’t need much work or has a couple really cool features, list this spring. Yeah for the housing market in Cheverly!

On another note, I’m now 40 and I’m happy to say that a day before the big event I discovered the 4 Seasons Hotel and Spa in Baltimore. I will most definitely be back. (it’s so worth it!!) Not only that, I found a hole in the wall vegan restaurant that was excellent (I had a fresh shot of ginger! whoa) called Liquid Earth. The next evening as the celebration continued I had the most amazing Carrot Cake (made in house daily) at my favorite vegan restaurant in Clarksville, MD called Great Sage. It takes about 35 minutes to get there, but it’s definitely worth the drive. Make sure to make reservations, especially on the weekends. And then on Sunday my husband sent me and my mom out antique shopping. I discovered Savage Mill for the first time. Has anyone else been there? I loved it. Found some hidden gems including a beautiful silver bracelet.

So that is my update. I hope you all are as excited about the real estate market as I am!

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  1. Mike says:

    Happy Birthday!

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