Cheverly Easter Egg Hunt

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And this is the Cheverly Easter Egg Hunt with the Cheverly Bunny all dressed up in his/her hot pink vest. The kids love it. Age appropriate sections are roped off by the Community Center and Barbara (who is in charge of all the recreation events) gets on her megaphone to tell the kids where to go.  Once the plastic eggs are collected, they head back in to the gym and get a huge bag of candy. I have to say- this beats other egg hunts that I’ve been to. Why? (although if I’m really honest, it makes me sad that the plastic eggs are not filled with candy) Our children get to hang out with all of their neighborhood friends and celebrate Easter–as opposed to going to a huge hunt where they don’t know anyone. That is why I choose Cheverly- no pun intended. So come on out to the Cheverly annual Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday at 11am.

And if you are crazy and don’t want to join us on Saturday, check out these other local Easter Egg Hunts

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