This Is Our Hood


Some of my most vivid childhood memories are those growing up in Oklahoma playing with our neighborhood ‘gang’ down the street. Our parents let us run around the neighborhood without cell phones or any way to reach them. We always felt safe riding our bikes and exploring our nature trail. Oh how times have changed! Maybe there are neighborhoods still like this in small towns around America but in the surrounding DC area, I haven’t heard of any. This is exactly why I Choose Cheverly! I love the fact that my kids can ride their bikes and scooters around and we feel safe to do so… A couple weeks ago my youngest was exploring the woods around Euclid Park and started to build a ‘house’ with his 2 year old friends. Might sound a little strange to you, but these are things that make my heart happy. Parents know other parents and know kids by name. Cheverly residents are all watching out for the safety of our little ones in the community. I couldn’t ask for more. What a beautiful place to live.






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